Portraits should do more than show someone what you look like.
A great portrait should show someone who you are. 

I specialize in portraits- of families, students & adults- with themes of rich colors, beautiful detail & authenticity. The very best way to get to know my photography style is to see the images themselves! 

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If our memories are our most precious assets, then what we capture, and how we capture it, are critical parts of the process. I am honored that my clients entrust me to help them with their memories. My ultimate goal is to help my clients collect a lifetime of beautiful moments & also help them find ways to keep those moments alive for them everyday. I am a mom of three, so I understand very well the complexities of juggling schedules & activities, but I also see my clients' joy everyday when they see their beautiful moments frozen in time. I love what I do- not just because I love photography and working with people, but because I see the power of a photograph to open our eyes to the beauty in our relationships and in ourselves.

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Karissa's Headshot / Photo credit: Katie Donnelly Photography