As a professional photographer, I believe in creating moments & capturing them, so you can hold onto them forever. I work with people everyday on capturing what is most important to them, but I am here to help with your memory collecting at every stage. Photographs are one of the most incredible ways to connect us- to our past, to those we love right now, and to the world around us-- so whether you are looking for a professional photo shoot, ideas of what to capture, or the most beautiful ways to share the memories you already have, grab a cup of coffee, scroll through these posts & be inspired to create something! As I always say, memories should fill your life, not your hard drive. 

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Your Portrait Session: The Reveal Video

Nov 29, 2017

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When a woman books a Signature Session, I want her to know I’m right there with her throughout the process. When she comes back to the studio to see her photographs, I want the first time she sees them to be a beautiful experience, as well. I created this reveal video for a client recently so when she came back to the studio to see her edited photographs, she had a moment with each image. We both teared up.

There are so many ways to use and experience your photographs. The prints are a beautiful keepsake and can be framed or given as gifts, but the video is a lovely keepsake, as well, and a quiet way to sit back and remember each moment of the day. The Keepsake Video is included with the largest collection, but can be ordered a la cart, as well.



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