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Travel Photography / Carnaval in Venice!

Mar 1, 2017

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travel photography / venice carnaval 2017

Venice Carnaval, 2017

I have always loved to travel, so when I was got married (many years ago), I hired a fabulous, eccentric designer named Anatole Kysk from Paris to make my wedding dress. Note that Anatole was not a wedding dress designer, but instead a costume designer who created beautiful costumes for Carnaval in Venice. His style was historic but eccentric and we spent months sending designs back and forth. Ever since spending time in his studio, I’ve wanted to go to Carnaval in Venice… and this year, I finally got my chance!

My family and I took a last minute trip during the February break. Since it was last minute, I hadn’t done a lot of research about what exactly Carnaval is, so it was a lovely surprise. Carnaval was basically a daily, moving theatrical production in which the actors were a combination of true Venetians alongside everyday tourists. What made them stand out were their enthusiasm, their willingness to pose for photos, and their colorful, beautiful, and awe-inspiring costumes.

As we roamed the winding passageways of the city, we ran into masked maidens, swashbuckling gentlemen, and kings. I discovered that some of the actors came alone, while others came as couples, families, or even troupes!

Venice was a beautiful city and it completely captured my imagination. Carnaval, though, was a feast for the eyes. Here are a few of my favorite photographs from Carnaval last week. The next time I go, I will be sure to be in costume myself!

travel photography / venice carnaval 2017 / mens costumes

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