Yes! Payment plans are available for all orders over $300. Please inquire for details at your ordering session.

9 / Do you offer payment plans?

I am a mom of three, so I am very comfortable working with kids and try to make them part of the process. Also, kids are usually pretty engaged if they're having fun-- and we absolutely have fun! In all my years of photography, I have yet to shoot a session in which the parents aren't happy with the shots of their kids-- whether it seemed like the kids were cooperating the whole time or not. No worries-- I've got this. :)

8 / What if my children don't cooperate?

As a professional, I am adept at working in a variety of conditions. However, hair and makeup are not always the best at staying in place in adverse weather. We will make the call the day of the photo shoot in case of inclement weather (in my experience, canceling in advance generally ensures the weather will be beautiful during our originally scheduled time slot!).

7 / What if the weather doesn't cooperate?

I always encourage my clients to have their hair and make-up done professionally, and most of my sessions include complimentary hair & makeup. There are a couple reasons for this- first, people always feel more confident when leaving the salon, and it shows! The second reason is that makeup for photography is slightly different from traditional makeup and hiring a professional ensures it will look amazing on camera. If you prefer to do your own hair & makeup I have a few tips I'll send to you, but otherwise I encourage you to relax, be pampered for a minute, and let us do the work!

6 / Can you help me with hair & makeup?

My clients are generally real people- not models- and approximately 90% of them tell me they're awkward in front of the camera before we even get started. This is why it's important to hire a professional photographer- because I've got your back. I help you find the right wardrobe, pose you throughout the session, create flattering light and focus on your best angles. In addition, we take an hour for the session  because nothing makes people more self-conscious than feeling rushed along the way (express sessions are available if you really don't have an hour).

5 / What if I'm uncomfortable in front of the camera?

Absolutely! I will email a packet of details to you once we've booked the session. It will give you many ideas, but in short, while your personality should shine through, the overall outfit should be simple so as not to detract from you! I also keep a variety of looks in the studio for you to use.

4 / Can you help with wardrobe?

The cost is broken down into two parts. The first part is the session fee, which for most sessions is $250 (which includes an initial consultation, professional hair & makeup, access to the studio's wardrobe of clothes and the photo shoot itself). Following the session, I edit the photographs and then invite you to the studio to see them at which time you decide which photographs you love and want to order; Prints begin at $150 and collections at $600. There is no pressure- you select and order the photographs you love!

3 / What is the cost?

Photo sessions can take place either at my New Haven studio or on location. I meet clients in New York throughout the year, as well as in Paris, Sanibel, Florida and Bozeman, Montana during specific periods. 

2 / Where do photo sessions take place?

The studio offers portraits, head shots, family & destination photo sessions. Commercial sessions are also available.

1 / What types of sessions do you offer?

I believe hiring a professional photographer is a lot like going out to dinner. Could you eat at home? Of course! Should you eat at home? Yes! Most of the time eating at home is the most convenient & least expensive option- but there are other times, whether it's a special celebration or simply because you all want to be together at the table, that you go out and let the chef make dinner while you simply make memories. Professional photography is a lot like that; I encourage my clients to take & use their own pictures in their day-to-day lives. My clients' cell phones can capture all the spontaneous moments of life they want to remember; and their digital cameras are there for the moments they have a minute more to plan for.

I am here to capture the special moments my clients want to highlight- in vivid color and beautiful detail. Fine art portrait sessions include professional hair & makeup styling, multiple outfit changes & cost $250.  You are welcome to bring your mother, best friend, sister, spouse, partner or anyone special to your photo shoot to get photos together, as well!

You decide which photos you want to purchase when you see your fully edited photos during your photo viewing. You only purchase what you love. Photo collects start at $900 and go up from there. All photos purchased include both a print and the high resolution digital image.

I am here to capture the moments of your life you want to remember years from now- in vivid color and beautiful detail. The basic details are immediately below, and FAQs are underneath for additional information. Once you've had a chance to look through, give us a call!

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