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Prints & Products

The cost of your photographs breaks down into two parts: the session fee (which is due the day of your photo shoot), and then the photographs you order. There are no minimum orders and no sales pressure- what you order is entirely up to you. As I see it, my job is to take the best photographs you've ever seen of yourself, so the photos sell themselves!

If you'd like to break down the cost even further, note that we offer registries (is it your birthday? having a baby?) and gift cards. Click here to learn more about those. In addition, we offer payment plans so you don't have to pay for everything all at once. Our payment plans are done through Square- click here to learn more about that!


Additional Options:

Prints & Digitals

wall art & canvases

handmade albums

Starting at $150.

Styling for additional people, sessions split into two locations, session split into two days.

Get in touch so we know what you're looking for!

We'll set up a consult to plan everything in advance, from location to style.

Prior to your session, relax while our stylists do your hair!

We'll guide you through the whole session- all you have do do is show up.

Order your new photos & get ready to take them home!






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