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One of the most important things you can capture with your camera is your family traditions- and especially holiday traditions. Traditions often go unnoticed because they are so “normal,” but they also risk being forgotten years down the road if they aren’t saved! One of our favorites holiday traditions is that we get our Christmas […]

  Seventy years ago today the largest ever assembly of troops landed on a 50 mile stretch of beaches in Normandy in Northern France.  150,000 troops landed there- 12,000 of whom would be casualties by the end of the battle. My own grandfather landed on the D-Day beaches, though many weeks later, and just this […]

As I was looking through the news this morning, I was struck by a new film by Tatia Pilieva in which she filmed 20 complete strangers who are asked to kiss. The situation is notably awkward, but the kisses were sweet and sincere– and filled (oddly enough) with emotion.

When I first heard about the tragedy in Newtown, I was at Costco. I was just checking out when the cashier told me he’d just heard that there was a shooting at a K-2 school in Connecticut. My first reaction, of course, was how incredibly sad that was- and right before Christmas. He went on […]

People spend hours on vacation trying to get that perfect shot, but in the end, they completely missed the real story of their vacation. I recently read an article that prompted me to try to shift my own focus, and set up a little experiment…

This year I am dedicating this blog to the quest of helping readers capture great photographs and incorporate them into their lives. I will be featuring the most innovative photo products on the market, the newest photography startups on the scene, and showing you what I am excited about along the way.
In the midst of a world in chaos and an economy in trouble, when negativity is there every time you turn around, waiting to bring you down, The Moments of our lives should be waiting there, too. They can remind us, inspire us, calm us, and make us laugh– and all it takes is a glance.


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