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Whether we are working together on a professional portrait or a series of photographs of your family, your wedding or a holiday card, I am much more interested in creating an experience that is full of laughter and creativity than one in which all you remember is the way your hair looked or the fold of […]

  The Palais Royale is a beautiful, enclosed garden just north of the Louvre. It is the perfect place to escape for a moment and catch your breath. I am busily editing the photographs I’ve been collecting these past months and adding them to the fine art collection online- what a joy it is to […]

Paris Photo of Palais Royal

As the song goes, “I love Paris in the Springtime. I love Paris in the fall.” And, yes, I do. This amazing city is equally magical as the weather begins turning a bit cooler and the evenings become a bit longer. The outdoor cafes don’t bring their tables in once the weather hits 50 degrees- […]

Paris photo of ombre trees

Photo Credit: Kate Van Tassel As many of you know, I’ve spent the last several months in Paris– sightseeing a bit, eating a bit more, and capturing photographs for my fine art collection. It has been an absolutely wonderful time to find renewed inspiration and explore some new concepts I’ve wanted to try! For those of […]

Paris portrait photographer Karissa Van Tassel

  August in Paris is something of a dream. All the beauty and history this magical place has collected over the past few centuries is available just for you as the Parisians leave the city for their annual vacations. It’s true that a few places close during the month, but for the most part, it […]

Paris Photography of The Louvre

  Arriving in Key West, you are suddenly aware that real time- real life, in fact- has stopped. People walk along the streets at a leisurely pace, the bars are filled with people and musicians at all hours, and no one is in a hurry for anything to change. Key West is a place to […]

Casa Marina beach in Key West

Being invited to photograph a couple’s wedding is an incredible honor. So much love and attention goes into every detail of the day and to be asked to capture that so they can remember it all years from now is very humbling. This bride was as wonderful to work with as she is beautiful. Here […]

A perfectly simple affair, between a perfectly perfect pair. The setting was Jacob’s Beach in Guilford and there were just two guests. After the ceremony, we spent an hour capturing the beauty of the setting, and the absolute joy of the couple!

What could be more romantic than a leisurely stroll through New Haven’s beautiful Edgerton Park? For Lynesha and Thomas’ engagement session, we did just that- strolled through the park, stopping at various spots along the way, laughing and talking. There two kids joined us, and were super helpful in finding creative ways to make their […]


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