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Feb 26, 2017

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Professional Headshots with PersonalityPeople have many ideas about what photography is and isn’t. Many clients come their first professional photo session feeling nervous or insecure- worried about how they will look in the final photographs.  This may sound strange but how they look is not nearly as important to me as how they feel- because, to me, photography isn’t as much about capturing the way you look as it is about capturing a little bit about who you are. Don’t get me wrong- I am happy to provide advice on clothing selection and I have a lint roller on hand at all times; I have a special pocket for wet wipes in my camera and a makeup professional on speed dial for anyone wanting a little extra pampering. I absolutely want you to look your best, but I never want how my clients look to be their focus because I want my lens to be able to focus on how they feel.

Whether we are working together on a professional portrait or a series of photographs of your family, your wedding or a holiday card, I am much more interested in creating an experience that is full of laughter and creativity than one in which all you remember is the way your hair looked or the fold of your lapel. I talk with my clients and get to know them- not so much because I want to distract them, as I want to learn what turns on the light inside them. Because when that light is turned on, it is the only thing anyone will notice in their photograph.


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