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I'm a wife & mom who believes in the power of a photograph to help us hold onto the moments in life we treasure most. This blog will help you to plan your own photoshoot, but it will also give you ideas & inspiration of ways to use your own photos!

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As a photographer, my eyes are trained to catch the beauty in the world around me. Whether I am working for clients, shooting for myself, or grabbing a quick shot that presented itself suddenly, I strive to capture The Moment in the midst of the Everyday. In a digital world, however, having the file is only half the equation.

The tagline of Karissa Van Tassel Photography reads “Memories should fill your life, not your hard drive.” I have so many friends, know so many people, who actually stop to take the time to “click” only for The Moment to end up in a heap on their hard drive, much like old 4×6 prints ended up thrown into a shoe box. In the end, we actually lose what was special because it got mixed in with so many things that weren’t.

This year I am dedicating this blog to the quest of helping readers capture great photographs and incorporate them into their lives. I will be featuring the most innovative photo products on the market, the newest photography startups on the scene, and showing you what I am excited about along the way. If you know of something new I haven’t listed, please send it my way (info -at- karissavantassel -dot- com). If you happen to be one of those startups, I’d love to hear what you’re creating! Note that I will only feature quality products and companies.. even a stunning professional photograph can look cheap if it is printed cheaply.

In the midst of a world in chaos and an economy in trouble, when negativity is there every time you turn around, waiting to bring you down, The Moments of our lives should be waiting there, too. They can remind us, inspire us, calm us, and make us laugh– and all it takes is a glance.

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Your photoshoot should show more than what you look like, it should give an idea of who you are, so the time to start thinking about it is now!

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