Come with me where dreams are born & time is never planned.

- Peter Pan

It's a moment just for you- a moment you'll hold onto forever. Our Signature Portrait Sessions are designed to capture who you are- at once strong, nurturing, beautiful, and sexy, the list goes on... Bring your favorite clothes- whether that's jeans and a t-shirt or a black tie gown- and then we'll add a few pieces from the studio's wardrobe- a sparkling sequined gown or a beautiful charmeuse silk. After that, my stylist will pamper you by doing your hair & makeup for your photo shoot! Once you're photo ready, I'll guide you through poses during your own magazine-style photo shoot. We will wrap up after a couple hours, but make sure you schedule a special night out because you are going to look & feel fabulous! 

What to Expect



Once you've booked your session date we'll set up a consultation with Karissa so we can go over your vision for your photoshoot and how we can make that happen.



You'll begin by meeting with our professional stylist who will do your hair & makeup while we prep the studio for your different looks. Afterwards we'll guide you through different poses.



A few days after your session we'll go through the images from your photoshoot so you can relive the experience and order your favorite photographs.

What makes our studio special is our attention to detail and our focus on a great client experience from beginning to end!

PLANNING consult


professional HAIR STYLING


review & selection appointment

PLANNING consult

professional HAIR STYLING


photoshoot with guided pOSING

review & selection appointment

Many of our clients are new to professional photography, so here's a quick overview of our process.


In the studio we'll work with our library of hand-painted backdrops and studio lights for the full, magazine-style experience.

The studio allows us the most creativity since we can control many of the elements- from the backdrop color & style to the lighting. We'll create a variety of different looks while having fun and listening to music. Also, our hair & makeup counter is available throughout your session if you'd like to change up your look!


Locations can add a beautiful context to your photographs. 

Location shoots give us the opportunity to add beautiful, natural backdrops to your photographs. We have a variety of different locations to recommend, depending on what you're interested in! Different times of year will also give us different themes, so keep that in mind when planning your date.

make it 


What can we add on to your session to make it perfect for you? Here are a few options- let us know!

- Add a person to be photographed with

- Add an additional location

- Add a catered snack or meal

- Add balloons

- Add a cake, cupcakes or champagne


Our portrait sessions are for everyday women who want to have a a beautiful portrait experience and capture something they and their loved ones will treasure forever. In the end, your makeover lasts just a day, but seeing yourself in a new way truly lasts a lifetime. 



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In Studio Portraits

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Time Goes On

THE Galleries



We often capture happy affairs- a new job, a new pregnancy, etc. But we also work with people who are having a more difficult time. A diagnosis, for example. This young mom was dealing with a major diagnosis and took the opportunity to capture photographs both she and her kids will treasure forever.


ON LOCATION portraits

The studio has a variety of clothes & fabrics Karissa has collected from around the world. Beautiful silks from China, satins from Paris & velvet cloaks from Venice! This is not your average wardrobe, this is a dream wardrobe designed to create images your everyday clothes will not.


birthday photoshoot

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with photos you'll treasure forever?! Let us know how we can make your session special for you. You can also invite others to contribute to your session with gift cards. You'll feel special and glamorous for the day; but the photographs are something you will treasure forever!


Let us know what you are envisioning and we'll help you bring it to life! From a painterly ballet scene to a more abstract or styled session, we have the experience to create something truly special for you.

client reviews /

“Karissa overflows with care and exuberance for her craft and the people she works with.”

She puts her clients at ease with joyful attention. She sees our fullness, complexity and dept, and in working with her, one finds a playful, creative self. With gentle direction, she reflects this self back to you and one discovers a kinder self beaming back in artful, astonishing photos!

- Eliza


“Karissa creates a truly delightful and authentic experience that naturally shows in the photographs.

She's extremely gifted and talented, and she really knows how to capture your essence. Our session was a truly important, memorable and beautiful time for my husband and myself."

- Bernadette


in their words /

client reviews


“There it was: The Light Within. Frame after frame after frame.”

As a woman who is more than a little shy about her looks, I was nervous but Karissa put me at ease with both genuine warmth & professionalism. She was creative & reassuring. In the end, the experience changed me. I actually see myself differently now. I saw beauty that day... and it was my own. It had been there all along; I just needed someone to show me. Karissa did that.

- Dana

portrait client

“Karissa puts her clients at ease with joyful attention. The session was restorative and fun!”

Karissa sees our fullness, complexity and depth, and win working wiht her, one finds a playful, creative self. With gentle direction, she reflects this self back to you in artful, astonishing photos.

- Eliza

headshot client

“The way Karissa directs you to find the best 'you' is a little akin to magic!”

I did my first found of headshots with Karissa and plan to do another soon. She is so easy to work with and her team is amazing. Look no further!

- Leslie

are you ready?

LET'S get started!

I can't wait to help you plan your perfect photoshoot! Send us your contact info & we'll start planning!



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