Signature Session / A Woman’s Portrait

Nov 15, 2017

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When a woman inquires about a portrait session, I always encourage them to consider a Signature Session. Each Signature Session is different as each one is designed for a specific woman- who she is and how she would like to be photographed at this moment. For this session, Barbara wanted to be captured in a few ways- natural, feminine, strong and beautiful. To capture these different traits, we began with almost no hair and makeup and then went back after the first set to add very natural makeup and curled her hair. We then created a soft, feminine look with her hair down and a lace dress before moving into a more confident straight-on look, and ended with a beautiful sequin gown, her hair down and flowing. Watching someone go through this transformation is as meaningful to me as it is to many of my clients- but the most striking part is when they come back to the studio to see their finished photographs. The natural beauty that emerges when we let our guards down and just “be” is breath-taking; I think you’ll agree.




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