A Bundle of Joy / Family Photography

Sep 17, 2017

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The best part of family photography, for me, is being able to stop time for my clients- being able to give them a moment to hold onto that will never change. These moments are most pronounced when I photograph babies and young kids because they change so quickly.  This sweet little, for example, now scoots across the floor on her own and has three teeth… but her parents will never forget the beautiful moment  before it all started to change. Photographing babies is a special assignment, and it becomes even more specialized the younger the baby. I begin working with babies around three months old, when they a little more interactive and not quite as fragile. I tend to keep the shots very simple- without a lot of props- so we keep the focus on your sweet little one.

This photo shoot took place in Livingston, Montana, one of locations I shoot in on select dates throughout the year (other locations include Sanibel, Florida and Paris). We were up in the mountains, so a soft sheepskin rug became the ideal backdrop! Let me know when you’re ready to stop time for a minute…



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